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Welcome to the MHA© Taiqi Yoga Team!

This interest practice team is formed in joys of celebrating enhanced experiences from the stems of Taiqi from China and Yoga from India.

In universal oneness of breathes to the fulfilment of awakening the 7 chakras - training as a whole team extrapolates the healing processes!   

Youtube source: Talia Sutra Yoga

MHA © Taiqi Yoga Team

"..Essential Lifestyle .. Transformational Heartware.."

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MHA© Taiqi Yoga Team


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MHA© Taiqi Yoga Team 

Music of the Month Recommends

29 November 2021

3 Movements of Winter: A Prelude to Snow

Trubdr. Adam Road

From the Album Exile From The City

Purchase Link:

Music of the Month Recommends

30 September 2021

Yoga Class: Best Relaxing Music for Mindfulness Meditation, Oasis of Zen Therapy & Healing, Power of Nature Sounds for Pure Relaxation  

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Press Release 

29 July 2021


Alexander Solomon LLP is very pleased to announce the progress updates with wellness and lifestyle project Mixed Healing Arts™ aka MHA©.

2. The project outreach has successfully identified potential root causes that may weaken the immune and confidence systems, over and above the physiological capability of an individual; therefore has rendered customized inceptions to approach problem-solvings on a case-by-case basis.

3. At present, the MHA© wellness operatives offer hybrid treatments that include in-person wellness therapy outcalls, followed by the virtual counselling sessions online.

4. In order to spread the greater good about the healing word on social media, we have formed the MHA© Full Moon Fan Club and MHA© Taiqi-Yoga Team; as our R&D unit is work in progress developing interests group with healing vacations and gems & jewellerys.

5. Mixed Healing Arts™ consists elements of the ancient healing arts like Kamasutra, Tantra, Ayurveda, Tai-chi, Reiki, herbology, metaphysics and alchemistry, in clinical blend with the modern technologies of sports-physiotherapy, psycho-reflexology, aura-aromatherapy, traditional Balinese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Hawaiian and Swedish massage treats, for the optimal healing benefits of clients consulting in this field of health, wellness and lifestyle.

6. Founded in Asia year 2016, the project raises to ultimately build an WHO-recognized internationally-serving institution – projectably inclusive and manageably affluent – for the research & development and study & practice of Mixed Healing Arts™, with satellite centers in Bali, Boracay, Goa, Singapore, Shangri-La, Ibiza, Miami and Honolulu.

7. Interested parties and individuals whom like to join the team project MHA© may send their details to

Singapore, 29 July 2021

Music of the Month Recommends

29 July 2021

Chakra: Guided Meditations to Unleash Your Full Potential

Chitra Sukhu

Purchase link:

Au Naturel: End Game or Mind Game?

Release Date: 29 August 2021

On research aboard the cryptic 'Miracle Living' theorem that equates a country garden myth, the MHA Taiqi Yoga Team unshells theories best suited to debate evidences of its existence. 

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