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Youth BootCamp Asia or YBCA© is a social enterprise for youth beneficiaries in the academics and sports from all 52 countries in Asia. We pledge youthful activities in the arts, sports, music and adventures to fundraise by offering sponsors, supporters and philanthropists excellent mileages on our WORLD YBCA© TV.

This Over The Top (OTT) channel is a high octane media content for all youths of Asia and around the world as we scoop youthful activities in the arts, sports, music, e-gaming and adventures to represent excellent mileages for our corporate partners and entertaining exuberance for our viewers.

WORLD YBCA© TV is Youths of Asia Favorite Channel ! 

WORLD YBCA© is the platform to raise philanthropy for outreach to Asian youths beneficiaries in the fields of Arts, Sports, Music, E-gaming and Outdoor Adventures.

This initiative is also aimed at preservation and the awareness promotion of Asian values in the fields of Religion, Traditions, Customaries, Beliefs and Politics.

Work is in progress to build the inaugural YBCA ACADEMY to expedite those initiatives with academic program courses at diploma and certificate levels.

The Vision of YBCA is to identify and elevate youth talents and Mission is to bridge the gap between youths and the industry, through job opportunities, attachments and internships.

Our branding platform YBCA© offers extensive and flexible investment programs to generate positive Returns on Investments (ROI). Not only do we offer the YBCA© Franchise Program to fully maximize growth and earning potential via in-house programs like YBCAacademy │ YBCAjobs │ YBCAgigs │ YBCAtravels, we also create international brand line of event programs like SuperFly© StreetzBeatz© SuperSports©.  

In the rest of Asian countries, YBCA is aims to organize youth community groups registered under each respective country, state, city, town or institution/affiliation/establishment. 

The dream of “Renaissance Asia” is kept alive with Youth BootCamp Asia™ as we raise the message of Peace and Youth. One Asia, One YBCA! And now even better, YBCA serves all world youths in support slogan, "3.5 Billion Youths, 1 World, 1 YBCA"  

YBCA TV© is Youths of Asia Favorite Channel !

YBCA TV is a full commercialize production house and OTT network home to web channels YBCA TV, WORLD YBCA TV, MHA TV and Alexander Solomon Report with programs of infotainment, industry, academia and performing arts.

The network presents excellent mileages for our corporate partners with entertaining exuberance for our viewers being targeted markets for investors on for our TV Businesses.

We are the official media support for youth philanthropy WORLD YBCA and YBCA the social enterprise project. 

© Copyright 2023 World YBCA (Youth BootCamp Asia). All Rights Reserved. Alexander Solomon LLP Co. Reg. No.: T15LL1711H 

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